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Screaming Elegy, Art of Janananda Laksiri

by anurakri last modified 2011-05-23 11:36
The artworks in the exhibition “Screaming Elegy” by Janananda Laksiri, express his internal anxieties in three forms. In one set of works, in his first approach, he presents his anxieties, his internally-simmering pains, through effects of distorting his own image. In the second approach, he places cultural factors in the way they really are (chosen from the external world) and introduces a certain type of a chaos by applying visual effects. In other words, chosen from the external world he retains the representational quality of the chosen external factors and distorts the internal elements using visual effects. His third approach in this exhibition is to construct surrealistic and cryptic story through photorealistic means. More than in the first two approaches, in this third approach, one could think that Laksiri engages in and an action of directing the outside world towards him or suffers from an incessant desire for such an act. It could be suggested that thus shows his surrealistic story has not ended, and that he is emphasizing the fact that internally-simmering, painful moods are continuing to live with him. At the end of these three types of visual constructions. the directness of the expression or statement is concealed. This is done by the visual constructs not being given a clear representational nature or releasing them from such an objective and through distortional and surrealistic means. It could also be suggested that through these visual effects a part of the pain in the story that Laksiri is presenting here, is retained in him. On the other hand, when he is using his body to express, Laksiri vigorously distorts his body.However, when he incorporates elements external to his body, without distorting the individuality of those elements, he subjects them in to a chaos or converts them to a cryptic. At the end, it is possible to suggest that Laksiri is telling, in a way, fantasy story about a bad dream through thrse three categories of visual presentations.

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